Ashly and Parneet focus on a study of the solar system at Studio 19 in Tsawwassen.

Current Career Opportunities

Current Career Opportunities

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What we do for you:

Working at DCLS is more than just a paycheque.

In addition to vacation and professional development opportunities, DCLS invests in your health, retirement and other benefits that make up over 25%* of your overall compensation.

*Benefit numbers based on a full-time employee with a spouse and no dependents

I feel DCLS is great to their employees, I feel valued and part of a great team.

~ anonymous feedback from the 2020 employee survey 

And the work that DCLS employees do is valued by the people we support and their families. In our 2017 personal network survey of people supported by DCLS, 96.9% agree that DCLS staff are “effective in delivering services that reflect the Society’s service principles”.

DCLS is an exemplary organization that treats my brother and other persons supported with great respect and integrity. As a family member I feel involved, consulted and informed.

~ anonymous feedback from the 2017 personal network survey

Who you are:

Juggling multiple priorities is a way of life at DCLS. Successful team members are flexible, adaptable and proactively look for ways to help each other be more efficient and effective on behalf of the organization. The work that we do demands that all team members have high levels of abilities to communicate and follow up, even when conflicts appear. Additionally, we need to be self-managed and conduct ourselves with indisputable adherence to ethical codes of conduct. We define self-management as managing our time, our resources, our stresses and crisis when required.