Posted on Thursday 8th November 2018

A celebration of diversity in employment in Delta

Delta Community Living Society (DCLS) Solutions Employment partnered with Rotary at Work to host an event to celebrate businesses who have committed to hiring people with developmental disabilities. The dinner, held at Delta Golf Course on November 6, included representatives from two dozen local businesses that have hired people with developmental disabilities.
At the dinner event, guests heard personal employment stories from people with diverse abilities and received information about how to partner with DCLS. “DCLS Solutions employment is a recruitment service that comes free of charge to the business. It proves to be a win for the people we support with diverse abilities who gain paid employment and a win for the businesses that have filled labour gaps,” notes DCLS employment strategy manager Annette Borrows. 
Santevia Water CEO Yvonne Anderson spoke at the event. “Santevia Water partnered with DCLS this fall when we were facing a short-term labour shortage following a successful marketing campaign. After looking at our core values – which include, Innovation, Persistence, Wellness and Giving Back – our team came up with the idea to bring on short-term help from DCLS Solutions Employment. A team of five people with diverse abilities came to our office and assembled over 14,000 packages in ten days. What a great team!”
“We have a roster of people with diverse abilities who are ready, willing and able to work. The partnership with Santevia allowed for our job seekers to gain valuable work experience while earning a fair income for their time,” adds DCLS Solutions Employment program coordinator Emily Wheatley.
DCLS Solutions Employment works with job seekers and local businesses to make great employment matches. DCLS is a non-profit community based-organization that provides support to people with diverse abilities and their families. To find out more about DCLS or DCLS Solutions Employment, or to make a donation, please visit or call 604.946.9508.

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