Zuzana working at Kinsmen Place Lodge

Job Seekers

Job Seekers

Stories about successful employment:

Click here to read about Cyrus's great fit with FYidoctors and Bryce's part-time job with PepsiCo Foods Canada.

How to access services:

Services at DCLS Solutions Employment Services are funded by CLBC. Referrals come from CLBC and are selected by families. Click here to learn more.

Contact us:

For more information about DCLS Solutions Employment Services, call us at 604.946.9655 or dcls@dcls.ca.

What we do: 

DCLS Solutions Employment supports job seekers on a person-by-person basis and assists them in obtaining meaningful, paid, sustainable, customized employment through a discovery process that identifies and highlights the job seeker’s skills and abilities and matches those with the needs of local employers. We help job seekers by:

  • Identifying the job seeker's interests and abilities 
  • Developing the skills the job seeker needs to get ready for employment
  • Searching for a job that matches the job seeker's interests and skills
  • Helping the job seeker apply for a job
  • Supporting the job seeker's transition into the workplace 
  • Checking in with the job seeker as often as needed to see how the job seeker is doing