Zuzana working at Kinsmen Place Lodge

Job Seekers

Job Seekers

Stories about successful employment:

Click here to read about Cyrus's great fit with FYidoctors and Bryce's part-time job with PepsiCo Foods Canada.

How to access services:

Services at DCLS Solutions Employment Services are funded by CLBC. Referrals come from CLBC and are selected by families. Click here to learn more.

Employment Rights and Laws in British Columbia Guide

Click here to learn about employment in this plain language guide.

Contact us:

For more information about DCLS Solutions Employment Services, call us at 604.946.9655 or dcls@dcls.ca.

What we do: 

DCLS Solutions Employment supports job seekers on a person-by-person basis and assists them in obtaining meaningful, paid, sustainable, customized employment through a discovery process that identifies and highlights the job seeker’s skills and abilities and matches those with the needs of local employers. We help job seekers by:

  • Identifying the job seeker's interests and abilities 
  • Developing the skills the job seeker needs to get ready for employment
  • Searching for a job that matches the job seeker's interests and skills
  • Helping the job seeker apply for a job
  • Supporting the job seeker's transition into the workplace 
  • Checking in with the job seeker as often as needed to see how the job seeker is doing