Sam and Tami at the DCLS annual family picnic.
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Respite Services

“I am very satisfied with the (respite) services that have been provided through DCLS. The care has been excellent. Thank-you very much for your ongoing support.”

~ anonymous feedback in the 2017 respite survey comments.

How to access services:

Respite services at DCLS are funded by CLBC. Referrals come from CLBC and are selected by families. Click here to learn more.

Contact Us

For more information about DCLS Respite Services, contact Mari Jo Groenewold, Respite Services Manager at 604.952.6489 or

Providing full-time care for a family member with a developmental disability can be a challenging responsibility. DCLS Respite Services provide a temporary break to family members caring for a loved one in their home.

Support can be as brief as an overnight stay, or as long as three weeks. During this period, DCLS places service recipients with qualified respite care providers, who share their interests, enjoy similar activities and whose home reflects their own family’s values and expectations.

Respite providers may be selected by a family or DCLS, which carefully screens and monitors all applicants. In most cases, care is provided in the respite care provider's home or in the community.