Krissy, Nancy and Jane on the back porch of the home they share. Click here for stories from Cabeldu and 11A residences.

Staffed Residential

Staffed Residential

“Over the years, I have watched the evolution of services and offerings at DCLS, and there are simply no words to express my gratitude for the care that my brother has received and continues to receive. I can see that it is not just a “job” to the staff. It is a labour of love, and they move heaven and earth to support both the disabled and their families.”

~ Family member Brenda Nagata

Stories from staffed residential services have been featured in our DCLS Connections Newsletter: 

Summer 2017
Spring 2017

How to access services:

Services at DCLS staffed residences are funded by CLBC. Referrals come from CLBC and are selected by families. Click here to learn more.

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For more information contact the Director of Residential Services, Chrisoula Jana, or 604.952.6479.

DCLS operates four staffed residences (formerly known as “group homes”) in three different residential neighborhoods in Delta. The goal of this service is to provide a safe, secure environment where persons served can have the highest quality of life in a community-based, residential setting. Residences are staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days year.

Residents share common areas of the house and enjoy their own private bedroom arranged and decorated according to their individual tastes. Residential staff provide ongoing assistance with daily routines. As licensed homes, each staffed residence meets all licensing requirements with respect to nutrition, documentation and other health and safety protocols. Each home also has transportation available. Residents are supported to access their community and participate in activities meaningful to each individual in the home. 

DCLS’ staffed residential services includes a specialized residential option called Intensive Adult Residential Care, which supports individuals who exhibit more complex needs and who may benefit from an environment that is individualized, safe and secure.