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Delta Community Living Society
Resource Centre
#1 – 3800 72 Street
Delta, BC
V4K 3N2
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Tel: 604.946.9508
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Email: dcls@dcls.ca

Becoming a Home Sharing Provider

Becoming a Home Sharing Provider is a lifestyle choice that brings joy, rewards and challenges. It is not a role that everyone can successfully assume. Home Sharing Providers and their family must be willing to make a long-term commitment to provide residential support to the person in their home.

Home Sharing Providers are responsible for the safety, support, supervision and general well-being of the person in their home. They must be dedicated to enhancing the life of the person in their care and providing whatever support is necessary to help them realize their dreams.

Home Sharing Providers are also expected to develop and nurture positive relationships between themselves and the people who are important to the person they support – including members of their Personal Network of friends, family and peers.

DCLS, therefore, encourages all prospective Home Sharing Providers to give thoughtful consideration to, and seek information about, the roles and responsibilities associated with becoming a professional Home Sharing Provider with our organization.

To participate in DCLS Home Sharing Services, we require:

  • Current First Aid Certificate (Emergency First Aid for Residential Adult Care, or Safety Oriented First Aid)
  • Criminal record check (to be obtained directly through DCLS)
  • Completed Application form
  • Completed Family Profile interview
  • Completed Health & Safety check
  • Doctor's certification
  • Signed Declaration of Confidentiality form
  • Name and contact information for three references (employment and character)
  • Experience and/or training in a relevant field
  • A valid Driver's License and current Driver’s Abstract
  • Valid home and vehicle insurance, including coverage for the person you will be supporting

Upon approval as a Home Sharing Provider, you will be placed on the Respite provider list. Approval does not in any way guarantee that you will be selected to provide respite services to DCLS. Nor does it guarantee that you can become a permanent Home Sharing/Respite provider.

If you are interested in becoming a Home Sharing Provider call 604.946.9508 (dcls@dcls.ca).