Jeff, Mark and Jenny heading off on a recreation adventure

Studio 19

“DCLS has many strong partnerships in the community and is involved in advocacy on a local basis and beyond. It has set the pace with new ideas and projects and is willing to take on a leadership role. Several of the concepts and initiatives conceived by the organization and its staff members have expanded to encompass other organizations and have had positive impact beyond its service area.”

~ feedback from the 2017 CARF Accreditation Survey

Mission Statement:

We help people with developmental disabilities reach their full potential by living and belonging in community.

We do this by facilitating community connections, family supports, employment opportunities, and supportive housing options with a commitment to life-long learning, choice and self-determination.

Vision Statement:

Thriving in a supportive community.

Core Values:

Focused on the individual: We believe in self-determination and the diverse abilities of every individual.

Progressive: We engage and collaborate with stakeholders to deliver innovative services while seeking opportunities to continuously improve.

Excellence: We provide high-quality services with integrity and apply best practices to support people in accomplishing their goals.

Accountable: We are trusted to deliver sustainable services with transparency and are answerable to the people we serve, their families, our funding partners and each other.

Impactful: We make a difference in the lives of the people we serve