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Self Advocate Meeting | Apr 3, 2018
Recruiting self-advocates - learn more about being part of community by being a self-advocate.

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Delta Community Living Society
Resource Centre
#1 – 3800 72 Street
Delta, BC
V4K 3N2
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Tel: 604.946.9508
Fax: 604.940.9683
Email: dcls@dcls.ca

Recreation Program

Provides opportunities for the people we support to participate in a variety of leisure, sport and cultural activities. The program supports a full calendar of recreational activities that are fun and engaging, but which build self esteem and provide the people DCLS serves with companionship and the opportunity to experience life in their community.

The program calendar includes various community-based activities, such as visits to local landmarks, hiking, group overnight trips, camping, cooking classes, bingo night, dances, music and sports events and a drop in coffee house. DCLS staff members are responsible for organizing each activity and ensuring public or DCLS-provided transportation is available.

The Recreation program is supported by the Province of British Columbia’s Ministry of Finance - Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch.

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