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Self Advocate Meeting | Apr 3, 2018
Recruiting self-advocates - learn more about being part of community by being a self-advocate.

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Delta Community Living Society
Resource Centre
#1 – 3800 72 Street
Delta, BC
V4K 3N2
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Tel: 604.946.9508
Fax: 604.940.9683
Email: dcls@dcls.ca

Residential Services

To meet the needs, desires and expectations of the people we support, DCLS offers several community-based living options that are adapted to individual needs and requirements. Whether a person served lives in a Staffed Residence, or in our Home Sharing Service, trained and dedicated DCLS care providers ensure the highest quality of ongoing support.

Semi-Independent Living: A number of people who access services from DCLS live alone or with a roommate in an apartment with limited support. This residential option is well suited for people who have basic life skills, are quite autonomous in organizing their social opportunities, are well established in their community and who have an active and involved personal network.

DCLS assists these individuals in identifying their various support requirements. Training in life skills such as cooking, maintaining a home, or managing finances, for example, may be part of their ongoing support.

Home Sharing: The DCLS Home Sharing Service provides an opportunity for the people we serve to live as a valued member of a natural family, while still receiving the same high-quality support as in our Staffed Residences. The philosophy behind Home Sharing is that people are happiest when they feel that they are a valued and integral member of a family unit.

When a person served and their Personal Network of friends, family and peers make the decision that a permanent placement in a family home is their preferred residential option, DCLS will begin to search for the right match.

Home Sharing families provide full-time residential services under contract with DCLS. All Home Sharing Providers undergo a rigorous screening process, including a Criminal Record Check and a detailed home study, with questions about lifestyle, community mindedness, conflict management, personal support systems and family dynamics.

DCLS only selects providers whose lifestyles, interests and personalities match well with those being placed in their home and who share the mission, vision and values of the organization.

Each Home Sharing Provider is matched with the specific needs, interests and preferred lifestyle of the person served. There are many factors involved in selecting an appropriate placement for an individual. These factors include, but are not limited to:

• Family consultation
• Location and layout of the home
• Availability
• Experience of the Home Sharing Provider
• Family dynamics
• Hobbies
• Gifts, talents and interests

Upon identification of an appropriate match, the person served and their Personal Network are given an opportunity to meet with the family, gather information, inspect the home and its location and to access any other information they need to make an informed decision.

Once a Home Sharing placement has been selected, a formal process of transition is initiated that includes trial visits to the new home. Members of that individual’s Personal Network are encouraged to stay connected with the Home Sharing Provider following every successful transition.

For more information on Home Sharing contact Chrisoula Jana, Home Sharing Services Manager at 604.952.6479 or cjana@dcls.ca.

Staffed Residences: The goal of this service is to provide a safe, secure environment where persons served can have the highest quality of life in a community-based, residential setting. DCLS currently operates five Staffed Residences (formerly known as “group homes”).

Under this program, people with complex needs may live in a home with up to three housemates. Residences are staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days year.

Residents share common areas of the house and enjoy a private room that is arranged and decorated according to their individual tastes. Residential staff provides ongoing assistance with daily routines. As licensed homes, each Staffed Residence meets all licensing requirements with respect to nutrition, documentation and other health and safety protocols. Each home also has transportation available. All activities, excursions and celebrations are shared as much as possible.

This program includes a specialized residential option called Intensive Adult Care, which supports individuals who exhibit more complex needs and who may benefit from an environment that is individualized, safe and secure.

For more information about the Residential Services offered by DCLS, contact Lanette Vawter, Community & Residential Services Manager Liaison at 604.952.6481 or lvawter@dcls.ca.