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Join us at the Kirkland House on July 14th for annual summer picnic.

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Delta Community Living Society
Resource Centre
#1 – 3800 72 Street
Delta, BC
V4K 3N2
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Tel: 604.946.9508
Fax: 604.940.9683
Email: dcls@dcls.ca

Mission, Vision & Service Principles


Mission Statement:

We are a non-profit society that supports people with a developmental disability, their families and friends. We seek to improve the quality of life of people with a developmental disability so they will:

  • Be accepted and valued citizens;
  • Accomplish personal goals;
  • Benefit from the active involvement of family and friends; and
  • Enjoy the best possible physical and mental health.

We seek to involve, assist and inform family and friends so they can be:

  • Knowledgeable of the circumstances and choices available to the person;
  • Consulted with regard to these circumstances and choices;
  • Active in the life of the person; and
  • Supported in their care of the person

Vision Statement:

We will be an excellent provider of quality services to:

  • people with developmental disabilities; and
  • their personal networks.

We will act for and advocate on behalf of these citizens to achieve their hopes and dreams.

We will act with integrity and provide maximum overall value for resources entrusted to us.

We will be known and respected in the community.

We will collaborate with others in the community to support the pursuit of common goals.

Service Principles:

In working toward the common goals defined in the Mission Statement, each staff member has unique skills, values and a personal approach to attaining results. While methods of implementing the Mission Statement will vary, DCLS provides essential guidelines in the form of three Service Principles:

  1. We will create services consistent with the needs of individuals. We will create opportunities for those in the individual's personal network to assist the person to define their support needs.
  2. We will create an environment where staff members see their role as supporting the needs and aspirations of the individual. We will empower staff teams to be cohesive, highly motivated, focused, trained and committed to the Mission of the Society.
  3. We will integrate individuals into the larger community.